ASHLEY FERAUDE: I loved having the opportunity to meet the creative behind The Style Curator, so when the opportunity came up to reconnect again, Avon grabbed his camera and we headed over to Gina’s Hughes home. Avon’s photos do a much better job of describing Gina’s contemporary, cool yet very inviting and homely style than my words ever will. 
ASHLEY FERAUDE: I started Home Stories three and a half years ago (yep that long—none of us are getting any younger) with a story on designer Mitch Thompson. Since then, I’ve miraculously won all you over, which was quite the personal goal and—in the process—deepened many friendships. Taking all this into account, I figured that it was a very fitting thing to revisit Mitch and invite another friend, Avon Dissanayake, to be your eyes though his crafty photography.

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